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Jenniy is, and always has been, an entrepreneur and jane of every trade; proving to be a yoga instructor, doula, community space organizer and creative coordinator of all things. She is also a premier blogger and editor extraordinaire who never forgets her friends, their shared wine/scotch appreciation and the love of all things progressive. This site is in major part her lovechild of a billion factions of things possible to come in the world of women and everything they have to think, say, express and demand.

Matt is known to possess the rare quality of conveying more passion for style and art, the females in his life and women’s rights than the stunning Gloria Steinem channeling Coco Chanel during Fall Fashion Week. His creativity and talents span the sanctities of photography, fashion, and language, with a sharp eye for grammar and a keen sense of beauty, not to mention fiery humor. A mean mixologist, his fine taste in whiskey rivals his penchant for speaking his mind and doing all he can so that other’s may do, and live, the same. This site is indeed proof of that.


MAGGIE JULIANO: By day, Maggie is a mild-mannered attorney who used to be the Director of Sprout Yoga, a nonprofit dedicated to Yoga for Eating Disorders.  By night, Maggie works on many projects to empower women globally and right here in the USA, including Someday Sophie.  She is the author of the blog and continues to teach yoga at prisons in Delaware.  When she’s not writing, she is generally being loved on by a pouncy dog and two soft kitties. She’s a baker, runner, knitter, and artist.

JACQLYN MORI: Jacqlyn Mori is a vagabond who hails from the great state of New Jersey. She is a writer, yoga instructor, and the owner of a small apparel business called Karma Warrior Clothes. She is also a big eater, drinker, and traveler. Her best days are when all three of those activities coincide. You can see what she’s up to by checking on the blog she doesn’t post to often enough. Feel free to bug her if you’d like to read more.

HEIDI ORAN: Heidi Oran is a writer and career coach with a passion for change. She writes the blog The Conscious Perspective, and co-founded The Millennial Pulse Podcast. You can connect with her on Twitter here.

RACHEL SEDAKER: Rachel Sedaker is a writer whose work can be found on the blog Tossing the Script. Her diverse background ranges from a Bachelor of Arts in French and a minor in Art History to a career spent processing data and crunching numbers. She believes in girl power and her heroine is Scarlett O’Hara. Follow onTwitter and Facebook.

REGINA SIMONE: Regina Simone is a freelance writer, blogger in New York City via Texas. She has written for Bust Magazine, 002Houston Magazine, and various sites. She loves anything to do with and loves to do anything with Women’s interest, yoga, fashion, food and travel. google+twitter