About Us

What is Salted Scarletry?

Culture. Connection. Conversation.

Salted Scarletry is a website for and from the feminine. What does that mean? We’re not interested in exclusion. We believe in unity. We believe that women are amazing and their voices should be heard. We believe that coining our own phrases to make that happen may be necessary.

Meet our core Team Saltie here.

Our mission

It’s a crazy world out there and it’s our mission to help each other, and all the other floating cerebrums on the interwebs, make sense of it through great writing, unique voices, candid humor (dear lord, there will be humor!), connection and conversation brought to you by and for women (and those who love them…areweright, guys?).

In addition, we aim to highlight great women doing amazing things both locally and on a global scale with our special feature Salted Spotlights.

What we’re not…

A repetitive regurgitation of the status quo, the same old tired, male-dominated mass media.

Nor this!

Who is Salted Scarletry?

We are writers, artists, lawyers, engineers, moms, teachers, yogis, designers, public leaders, media moguls, students, builders, LGBTQ warriors, movie buffs, TV watchers, culture lovers, sisters, brothers, aunts, wives, partners, women and men.

We are conversations on sex, love, body, mind, fashion, entertainment, sports, movies, tv, pop culture, covering important news and issues;in culture and society. We’re also a place for personal essays, original writing and thought-provoking conversations, not to mention silly, sassy good times.