Treasury Dept. Announces Woman Will Be On $10 Bill


Well, it’s not Jackson, but it’s big news from the U.S. Treasury Department this week. On Wednesday it was announced that the next $10 bill will have a woman on it. <cheers!> We don’t know which woman, and we don’t know if Alexander Hamilton, the bill’s current face, will go away or not, but it’s pretty big news.

According to the Treasury Department, the $10 was the next in line for redesign and the Secretary will select an “iconic” woman recognized by the public as “a champion for democracy in the United States” who has “made a significant contribution to — or impact on — protecting the freedoms on which our nation was founded.” By law, this person must be deceased.

You might remember a little while back it was Harriet Tubman who was voted by the public to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 – which was part of the huge Women On 20s campaign calling for a woman to be on our paper currency. Jackson seemed like the obvious choice due to his least favorable resume of all the money dudes, and everyone polled seemed on board, but since the $10 is up for redesign, this seems like an acceptable compromise.

The new bill is set to enter circulation by 2020, which is also the centennial of women’s suffrage, but before all that, the Treasury is looking to the public for suggestions:

Various Treasury officials will be conducting roundtables, town halls, and other meetings to collect input. We will also be reviewing all the comments coming in to the splash page and all content tagged with our “TheNew10” hashtag.  Treasury staff will review all input received and provide information to Secretary Lew over the course of the discussion.

While the Secretary of the Treasury is responsible for final decision on all design features, he will receive regular updates on the public feedback as he considers new design aspects and the portrait selection for the $10 note.

So where’s Hamilton going? Maybe not anywhere.

“While the design process is complex and much work remains to be done, Secretary Lew has made clear that the image of Alexander Hamilton will remain part of the $10 note. There are many options for continuing to honor Hamilton.  While one option is producing two bills, we are exploring a variety of possibilities.  However, security requirements are the driving consideration behind any new design.”

It’s the first time a woman will be on U.S. paper currency and you’re going to make her share it?? You can do better, guys.

Anyway, this is big news nonetheless. We’re looking forward to the day when we can pay for our tampons with a lady ten-spot, or you know, whatever else will cost that much in fifteen years.

Read more about the new $10 bill at the Treasury Department’s new website.





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