WICCAPEDIA: Spell Casting 101. PART 3; Cast Away!

by Marie Davis 

…and now back to the conclusion of your program!

We left you in the last two installments with the emotional , spiritual and physical components to muddle over and develop.

Onto some Do’s and Don’ts of spell working.
Work on yourself first. It might be easier to just say, “Hey, I want a boyfriend” and do a love spell. But if you have trust issues, low self-esteem and still aren’t over your ex… the more responsible thing to do is to work on those issues first. Because it is important to remember…
Like attracts like. It is important to keep in mind that the universe is busy and will take the path of least resistance. Remember my fast money spell from earlier? At that time, it was easier for me to get a quick $35 because that was what was available to me. Later I did the same spell (after I worked on myself a little) and got a job opportunity that gave me a quick $500. My point is, by keeping this in mind, hopefully you’ll be in the position to evaluate your overall life situation. Are you a hot mess right now? I’m not saying this as a judgment, we’ve all been there; start your spell work clearing up those issues before you move onto those big ticket items such as love, money and power.
Which by the way, approach the matters of love, money and power with EXTREME caution. It’s seductive. The idea of “getting everything you’ve ever wanted” with some words and some candles right? ‘Mo’ money mo’ power’, adoring people. If that’s what you really want, become a rock star. Or a politician. But DON’T practice Wicca. When you get to the point of doing love spells, (which I’ll get into come Valentine’s Day) your goal is to get a faceless, nameless person with the qualities you need to feel safe to fall in love with, to come into your orbit, not, say Ryan Gosling to fall in love with you. When you get into to spells of power, think of empowerment, ex. Being able to learn how to stand up for yourself, how to gain your own sense of courage, how to ask for what you deserve at work or in your personal life or how to set boundaries with your roommates so they’ll stop eating all your almond butter. Not how to turn your boss into your personal energy slave
Remember the laws of three. What you send out to you comes back to you threefold. To quote one of my favorite movies, “This is a basic spiritual truth said in many ways. In many faiths.” Remember the scene in The Craft when Rochelle’s character put that hex on that racist white girl? Yeah, sure, it was cool at first to see the girl suffer with her hair falling out and everything, but near the end of the movie when Rochelle looks in the mirror and sees she’s dang near bald, it wasn’t as cool. She got back what she put out. Now there is nothing wrong with tipping the scale in your favor to get your slice of the living the dream pie. People do it all the time by asking for so and so to “put in a good word” in work situations, or, if you’re now the boss at place of work, you decide to hook your well qualified homies up with a job. Nothing wrong with that. Shoot. That’s part of the American Dream! But it is wrong to think of spell working as the good ole Genie in the magic lamp who will give your ego everything it’s entitled self, desires.
Remember that you are changing yourself, and asking for divine assistance to change matters out of your control, after you’ve done everything possible to change the things you can control so that it works out in your favor. You can’t control if actually get the job. But you can control how prepared you are for the interview. You’re not however, manipulating the free will of others. Because everyone has a choice. It’s our right and privilege as human beings to have free will.
Remember start your spell work using the Maslow System of Hierarchical needs as a guide. Do spell work to get your basic food, clothing and shelter situation on lock. Then, go for enlightenment.
Be patient. Some spells will take one month. Some will take one year. If did everything you were supposed to do, don’t stress over it. Stressing causes doubt and doubt causes negativity. Negativity slows down your spell or gets rid of the positive things you’re trying to bring into your life. If you are the type that is a worrier, then every few weeks or so, redo the spell in its entirety or, light a candle dedicated to your spell goal and say a couple of affirmations to keep your energy positive and intentions pure.
It’s ok to break up your overall goal into smaller goals to work on through spell work. Maybe you want to buy a house. But first you need to work on your debt. Start by doing a spell that addresses getting your debt under control. Then once that’s manageable, maybe you need to do a spell to help you find a house that suits your needs. When you find your house, maybe you need a little help in the luck department with getting bank loan approval. See how in that one big goal there are about three to four spells in there? This approach also helps if deep down you think your big goal is “out of reach”
Pay attention to timing! Both divine timing and your own! It might be the Supermoon on Samhain that falls on a Thursday with Jupiter in your house of finance and you have the perfect prosperity spell in mind; but then … that also happens to be the night you’re supposed to have the in-laws over for dinner. Hey, if you can send your in-laws packing and have them over on that Friday instead, more power to you! But, if you have “those in-laws” it’s best to suck it up, and plan your spell for another night. The same also applies for those unexpected drop-ins or getting sick. You should plan and arrange to do your spell when you are healthy, relatively stress free and when you have a couple hours on uninterrupted time to yourself.

Use magic to control or manipulate people. It will end badly. For you.
Use magic when you don’t really need it. It would be “cool” to do a lot of things. Go to China, hook up with Ryan Gosling, and change traffic lights on command. But if you don’t have a real genuine need for it, don’t do a spell for it. Spell work is not for the bragadouscious or the megalomaniac. Again, if that’s your thing, go into politics. But going into spell work in that “I want to have power and control over everything” mindset will eventually attract some negative and potentially scary energy your way.
Definitely don’t do spells under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Imagine you’re going to have an important meeting with President Obama, Gandhi, or Ryan Gosling. Now imagine doing this really high or drunk. If you shivered or thought “yikes” at that image, good for you! If you thought “So? That sounds cool!” Spell work my friend, is not for you. But most Wiccans will tell you that being drunk or high while doing a spell is a bad idea because the risk potential for getting aligned with malevolent energies.
Go around bragging about this awesome spell you just did. Actually in the beginning, it’s better to just keep that info to yourself until after you have seen the result of your spell. Picture it, you, Well-Meaning Person bursting of excitement over your spell talk about it to your friend who’s actually your frenemy on the low low about how awesome your life is about to be. This frenemy will smile and say, “That’s awesome!” while really meaning, “Screw you and your hippy dippy horsecrap!” That negative energy will now go into the intention of your spell and well, you know the rest…
Forget to thank your deities/spiritual guides after you’ve achieved spell success. Don’t forget to forget your deities after you cast your spell.
Just come to your deities/spiritual guides only when you want to do a spell. It’s like getting that phone call from that “friend” who calls only when they want a favor. It’s annoying right? Sooner or later you start screening their calls and taking a little longer to get back to them. People, for the most part, don’t like to be used and undervalued. It’s the same way with your chosen God or Goddess.
Do a spell to “prove” to you that magic exists. The universe has nothing to prove to you.
Don’t try to do a spell if at the end of the day you don’t believe in it, or have a spiritual center. It’s not going to work and you’ll just end up wasting your time and energy.

Alright, you have the information. I’ve given you the guidance and the general rules to how to go about the emotion, spiritual and physical journey of spell casting. The rest is up to you, like in any focus or religion. Make your path a positive one with the intentions and goals as we explained. Blessings!… and a Happy Holiday!


Resident pen-witch, Marie Davis, is an actress, dancer, jill-of-all-trades and practicing Wiccan living in Harlem. On the average weekend, Marie enjoys a good rum-based cocktail and feeling the weight of her samurai sword in her hand. Rarely at the same time.



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