WICCAPEDIA: Spell Casting 101. PART 2, Finish Your Trinity


by Marie Davis 

…and now back to your regularly scheduled programming!

We left you in the last installment at the very beginning: the emotional component of the Trinity. (re-read here if you need a refresher) In this next segment we tackle the rest of the Trinity in spiritual and physical aspects. If you’re truly educating yourself to cast a spell and develop a better personal spirituality, this cannot be rushed… hence the three part series. *wink*

Now that the emotional need has been established, who are going tell your personal need to?

There has to be a spiritual being present in your life that you believe in for your spell to work. This spiritual being ideally should be an entity that you talk to, work with and have some sort of devotional practice with. Think of it this way, which friend are you more likely to help move out of a five story walkup: friend A, who is totally cool but you only get together twice a year and laugh over beers or, friend B, the friend you see and talk to just about every week or every other week? Probably friend B right because the two of you have a stronger relationship. Right? Right.

In other books, it is said that you need to choose your pantheon. To me that is a fancy way of deciding which cultural sect/depiction of God and Goddess works for you. Do not fall into the “All Gods look like Brad Pitt Anglo” trap! I could ask the Goddess Athena to make me a strong warrior woman who is courageous and cunning all I want, but, other than the books and stories I’ve read, I have no personal connection, or ancestral lineage to Greek Mythology. So, any help I get from her would most likely be limited. Now Oya, Warrior Goddess, Lady of the Storms, ruler of sky and change? Now she would be the Goddess for me to talk to. Oya is a warrior Goddess often revered in Yoruba and Santaria practices. There is a good chance that you have most likely heard of her too! You know Storm, from the X-Men? Her character was largely based off of the story/mythology of Oya.

Another fierce warrior Goddess is the Hindu Goddess, Kali, also known as The Destroyer. Or perhaps, Jesus is your dude, or God or the Virgin Mary is the one you talk to every night. Guess what? They would be the ones you would turn to in your time of spell need. I mention all of this to say, it is my personal belief that in terms of the spirit, ultimately we’re talking about the same energy; the same connection, we bear the same witness of the experience of miracles. But each culture has their specific flavor they add to it. Use your culture, your background and your personal experience as your guide for who you should talk to on a spiritual plane.

However, if you are a beginner, I wouldn’t get into asking your dead grandfather for help, not yet. That technique is a little more advanced and comes with a different set of considerations and limitations. A WORD OF CAUTION: chose your spiritual entity wisely. If in doubt research! You want to do a spell to ask for help in not being so rigid and uptight, but then you went and saw the Thor movie and thought because he “seemed cool” Loki would be your guy to appeal to. While Loki is known for chaos, he is extremely unstable and there are rumors that Hitler invoked him frequently. I’m assuming you don’t want to that energy in your life, right? 

Also, specify WHO you want to talk to. You should never enter a spell by saying, “Dear anybody who’s out there…” Because just like there are good and bad people in real life, there are good energies and bad energies roaming around out there in the ethers. Trust me on this one, if you’re generally a good hearted person, you don’t want help from some evil being. That’s probably the one thing Hollywood gets right when it comes to the depiction of magic. Once you invite evil into your magic process, it is REALLY hard to rid yourself of it, and some scary consequences such as madness, moral corruption, drug addiction, and super-douchebaginess can come from it. So, no.

When you talk to your spiritual being in your spell, stroke the ego! Tell them how awesome they are! Is there a favorite story or parable you have heard about them that tells tales of what an awesome God or Goddess they are? Tell the story! If you like, engage in a spritely song and dance while you do it! Tell them how thankful you are that they’re listening to you, how much you appreciate the other awesome things they have done for you in your life!
It can be small, like:
“Hey, I woke up late, and you got me to work on time by having the A train right there and ready for me when I got in the subway. That was awesome! Thank you so much for that. Without you making that happen, I would have been late to work and so screwed! Thank you God for the small, yet meaningful miracles you put in my life each day!”
Don’t you feel good when someone strokes your ego and tells you how awesome you are when you help them out? Well, as on Earth, so in Heaven! Give thanks first, then make your plea. You’ll be received much better by the divine. I guarantee it.

So, to recap, on the spiritual plane, you: talk to the spiritual being that have a solid relationship with, speak, dance, or sing their praises and how awesome they are in your life and how they have helped you, tell them you need their help, and how they can help you. Be specific! I learned that the hard and sometimes humorous way. One time, I did a money spell. I wanted it to come fast, I didn’t care how or in what way, I just wanted money fast. The day after I cast the spell, I randomly got $35 bucks from someone at the dance studio I was working at the time. Was it the millions or thousands or hundreds I was expecting? Nope. But I said money, I said fast, but I didn’t specify for what or how much. This brings me to …


The physical plane is as equally important as the other two planes. You connected with your emotional need and you have your spiritual deity in mind that you want to help.

Now for me, the physical plane has two parts to it: [ Part I ] what you literally physically do when you actually cast the spell and [ Part II ] what you physically do after you cast your spell. I will get to Part I in a minute, but first, let me address the Part II part of the physical plane when casting a spell. Yes as in, you actually. Have to. Do something. After you cast your spell.
Here is an example, let’s say you cast a job spell. The need was great, and spiritual contact you made was seriously intense. Here is where Hollywood gets it a little but twisted sometimes. They have it to look like after you recite some incantations and then poof: Expacto asparagus! You have the object of your desire! Maybe that does actually happen for the 1%, but for the rest of us… Back your spell up with action.

Going back to that job spell, you made your plea and were pretty specific (not unrealistic, but specific) you talk to your Goddess or God, you did your ritual. It went pretty well, it felt good. Now what? Go online and apply for your dream job(s). Keep applying; if networking events pop up in your field of interest go! If you have a friend that ‘kind of’ works in your field or knows someone who knows someone, definitely ask them for their help. Let them know the kind of job you’re looking and let them know you need a hook-up!

But wait… so… where does the magic come in? You know those stories? Of that person who was in “the right place” at “the right time”? Some call it luck. Some call it destiny. Some call it God’s will. Wiccans call it magic. When prayer/ritual + action + timing + divine assistance all line up accordingly in the rhythm of the universe, you get what you ask for. And when you experience it, it truly is an awesome magical experience!

So, to recap the physical plane, the universe can’t do the heavy lifting for you; follow up your spell with some practical actions. It does a couple of things:  1) It lets your God or Goddess know that you’re not lazy and are committed to your spell 2) It helps speed up the process of achieving your goal faster. Spiritual, Emotional and Physical are like the glass, ice and liquor base of the cocktail to your spell. Spells are a way to signal the universe’s attention that you mean business on a particular issue and serve as a way to get your mind, heart, and your habits in-line to get the life of abundance you deserve!

Okay, I know that was a lot. <breathe>

So read, re-read and practice aligning the Trinity of your spell through what I’ve provided you with here. I am not sending you out into the universe to go wild, but rather to focus, educate and concentrate. Next week, yes, Halloween week, you will get the DO’s and DON’Ts that come along with finally putting your spell out into the great sphere. Tick. Tock. Be back in a wink!


Resident pen-witch, Marie Davis, is an actress, dancer, jill-of-all-trades and practicing Wiccan living in Harlem. On the average weekend, Marie enjoys a good rum-based cocktail and feeling the weight of her samurai sword in her hand. Rarely at the same time.



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