WICCAPEDIA: Spell Casting 101. PART 1, Intro To Your Trinity


by Marie Davis

Maybe it’s those ‘Back to School’ commercials. Maybe it’s seeing the colors of leaves change. Or, maybe, it’s because the days are getting a shorter, signaling the end to the ‘Twisted Tuesdays’ and ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ iconic of the lazy days of summer. So you decide that you need to shake things up; make this your year, get some things accomplished. You’re going to make a change and it’s going to feel really good because you’re going to finally make a difference! You decided to start with the (wo)man in the mirror. However, change is really hard… especially when we are trying to change ourselves. Am I right? And just maybe you need an extra boost from God — or the Goddess — to get the ball rolling, to get in the right mindset; and let’s be honest, some good old-fashion divine luck would do you super good right now. Truth?

If any of the above sounds like this might be you, then it seems like to me you’re thinking of casting a spell my friend! But before you grab your Special–Edition–but-totally-legit-HarryPotter-wand-you-got-from–the-dude–named–Cassius–at-ComicCon, let’s clear up a few misunderstandings, and potentially dangerous preconceptions, you might have about spell working. I’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

A High Priestess out in Long Island told me: “…spells are like prayers but with extras!” I think that is a brilliant and very simple way of explaining it!
• an emotional need
• a God/spiritual being you’re making the request to
• and the desired outcome you are looking for.
A simple example of this would be:
Dear God, I really need your help! I need to make more money so that I can continue to live in this crazy expensive city! There is a promotion at work I know I am qualified for I have the experience and the resume, Friday is the big presentation day and I really, really, need to “knock it out the park” to get that promotion! Please be with me on that day, dear God! I really need your love and support; with you on my side I can do anything! Please let me do an amazing job during that presentation so that I can get that promotion! In your name, Amen.
• the need: more money,
• the spiritual being: God,
• desired outcome: to get the promotion at work, by nailing the presentation meeting on Friday.

Those are the exact same basic elements go into making a spell! Part II of this series will tell you how to actually cast a spell. But it is important to knock a few things out the way first. Before the circle casting, the eye of newt, and your  Limited Edition Harry Potter wand, there are things your spell needs to have, and planes of existence you need to consider. Other Wiccans and books will break this down more thoroughly and even scientifically, and I encourage you to read more into it! But if you are a newbie to this whole Craft thing, this explanation will start you off right.

The planes you need to consider are: emotional, spiritual and physical/practical. That trinity thing just keeps on popping up, don’t it? But what does this mean? No worries, I got you.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •
THE TRINITY: A breakdown


For your spell to work, you really have to give a damn. There needs to be something personal at stake for you. It might be the “nice” thing to do to cast a spell that promotes world peace and anti-fracking, but if in your heart of hearts you really want to find a job that pays well, you should start there. *Do the spells that help you get yourself together first, then broaden your horizons to tackle global issues if you desire. Ever been in that situation where your well-meaning friend wants to help you move or something, but they are being a total buzz kill because they are going through some personal heavy stuff? It’s kind of frustrating right? Because you’re trying to be efficient and get stuff done and their ‘Eyore vibe’ is killing your pace and affecting your mood! Well, in a sense, that is what happens when you try to do a world peace spell without taking care of your own issues first.

To spread peace to others, you first have to have peace within yourself.

Another important aspect it to take into your consideration, spells that come from a place of true need tend to be way more successful than spells coming from a place of desire or want. I could do a spell to become a millionaire. Sure, why not. But if I think about it more carefully, what I really need is more money in my bank account, enough to give myself a comfortable lifestyle, hmm… ok, and if I even think about it even more, what’s the best way to get more money? If your first thought was by inheriting a windfall from your aging great uncle you are a horrible person. The answer I was looking for, is, a job. This now leads us back to the earlier prayer example on getting that promotion by nailing the presentation on Friday. Therefore, my spell, based on my need for more money, would be a job or luck spell for me to receive that promotion at work. If you’re having trouble distinguishing between a need vs. a want, for me, I find that writing down my biggest desire and then narrowing it down to something attainable, which also helps the same cause.

Another example: you might want a boyfriend. Someone who is amazing, the love of your life, your soul mate and all that other stuff you see in Nicholas Sparks movies. But, after you take a little time to think about it, you might discover that first, what you actually need is to learn to love yourself better. In that instance, your spell would be on self – love, maybe healing from a broken heart and learning how accept yourself just the way you are. Not on getting a Ryan Gosling to show up on your doorstep.

So, just as a quick recap, your spell, on the emotional level, has to come from a place of true emotional need, not from a want.

Let’s marinate upon that aspect in our lives for this 1st installment. Next we tackle the rest of the Trinity in spiritual and physical aspects. If you’re truly educating yourself to cast a spell and develop a better personal spirituality, this cannot be rushed. That being said, the next two installments to get you on your way are being prepped as you read this: so, stay tuned!


Resident pen-witch, Marie Davis, is an actress, dancer, jill-of-all-trades and practicing Wiccan living in Harlem. On the average weekend, Marie enjoys a good rum-based cocktail and feeling the weight of her samurai sword in her hand. Rarely at the same time.



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