The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams Takes On Catcalling in ‘Feminized Atmosphere’


Catcalling is just one of those things we have to grin and bear, right? It’s really no big deal. That’s what some news pundits, and probably half of the male population of your friends and family think about the unsolicited comments from our male counterparts that we females seem to provoke by simply walking down the street to get to where we’re going. Well, The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams has pretty much figured out the the ultimate solution to avoiding the catcalls. Put that noodle in your cap, we’re about to get patriotic.

The best way to quiet the catcalls? Act like a total maniac, preferably skipping about while singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag” at the top of your lungs. That should teach ‘em!

Personally, I’ve found myself dressing a particular (read: conservative) way so as not to be noticed and called out on the street. I even started “hiding” behind my glasses in college in order to avoid that awkward and uncomfortable feeling of being eyed up and catcalled while trying to go do my laundry. It hadn’t occurred to me what I had to do was make MORE of a scene!

This video and Jessica’s previous segment on catcalling are so brilliant and disturbing at the same time. I’m glad this is finally coming to light. Maybe we women can ban together on the streets when we feel harassed by men and go all “Yankee Doodle” musical on their asses.

Here’s her clip from September. Clap it out.



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