We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts! Or the Possibility of a Female Cast in Ghostbusters 3


When there’s somethin’ strange in the neighborhood…who ya gonna call? Female-cast enthusiast and prominent director Paul Feig?! Maybe, just maybe.

Feig is the amazing director who, in 2011, silenced all critics with the huge and hilarious hit Bridesmaids. “Not only was that movie a blockbuster success – pulling in $288 million globally on a reported $32.5 million budget – he followed it up with The Heat, which performed on the same high level (making $229 million on a $43 million budget),” factualized CinemaBlend. Feig continues to work with brilliant actresses and comedians, with another upcoming Melissa McCarthy film and even… dun dun dunnnn… the possibility of a female-casted Ghostbusters III!

We may have just slimed ourselves a little. #nerdmoment

After the sad passing of original Ghostbuster, Harold Ramis, there have been many concerns, changes and even dropped key-players within this world-renowned franchise. With an initial interest by Feig, there’s a lot of talk about where the direction of the newest installment of this triad will take us. Seemingly the frontrunner for the three-qual, there are still a lot of issues in “talks” about returning original members, new casting and even storyline.

But, can’t we just imagine the cast for ourselves? Sure we can! Who do you want to see trapping ghouls and accidentally crossing proton streams in Ghostbusters III? Could we see a ‘booknerdy’ and overly cautious Mindy Kaling in the busters’ firehouse? Maybe a slick-tongued and trouble-making Kristen Schaal giving lip to governmental figures and naysayers? How about a frazzled and frenetic Maria Bamford to quicken the comedic timing? Or even a cool-headed but quick-quipped Jessica Williams to drive the ghostmobile down a few pedestrian walkways when needed? Just sayin’!  [[ Feig, call us if you want to brainstorm! *wink* ]]

Well, there are too many details hanging in the balance right now, but we will shortly see where the road will lead the busters and we cannot wait. With Sony Pictures keeping our Bridesmaids director at the front of their interest line-up, we will keep our fingers crossed. We just hope he’s the keymaster to our gatekeeper! Err, or something like that.




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