Spotlight: Maria Heinegg on Getting Attention, Getting Uncomfortable, and Going Deep Into the Human Experience

A Seattle transplant, Maria Heinegg has taken to NYC life like graffiti to a blank wall, and we think the feeling is mutual. Talented, punchy, controversial, and with just the right amount of WTF hilarity, Maria is a comedian to watch as she takes on the New York comedy scene and leaves a trail of tears in her tracks. Tears from laughing so hard, of course. Get the scoop on what got her started and what keeps her going.

Headshot- Maria Heinegg


So, how would you describe what do you do for a living (and not necessarily what pays the bills)?

Whether paid or unpaid, I’m here to make people as uncomfortable as possible and like it more than they expected.

When did you start performing stand-up and what made you want to get into it?

I started performing stand up in Seattle about three years ago. I got into it because I love attention, wordplay and, more than anything, more attention (kidding: making people laugh.)

Is it as hard as it looks?

Sure. But I’m insane, so it’s worth it.

What’s the best way you’ve found to handle the inevitable hecklers in the audience?

Taking them to the f*cking hole with my responses.

You’re also a writer (Huffington Post Comedy Blog,, What’s your favorite topic to talk/write about lately?

The human experience – how we’re all connected in our misery and feminism/racism.

What’s your biggest challenge being an up and coming comedian? Do you think it’s harder for women in comedy?

My biggest challenge being an up and coming comedian is being an up and coming comedian. I think it’s hard for everybody, for women- yes, it’s often harder but it’s getting better and better.

What’s your dream gig and who’s it with (if anyone)?

My dream gig is an hour special taped at 300 seater and it’s being filmed for Comedy Central in the distant future when I’m at a point of comedic strength to do such a thing well and it’s with my writing partner, Sam Evans.

What are two essential tips you would give to a someone trying to get started as a comedian?

Do comedy and get sleep.

Puns or punch lines?

Are we talking about my life?

What’s coming up next for you?

Probably a lot more therapy and a fair amount of rejection.


Maria Heinegg is a Seattle stand up comic, blogger, Tweetist (made up term), Huffington Post contributor and has performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. She has a killa-cool blog where she tells stories her friends are tired of hearing. In addition to quietly writing jokes at her unrelated day job, Maria lives in New York City and is a general embarrassment to her friends and family everywhere. Connect on twitter @MariaElizabest.



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