Letter From the Editor: Issue 20 – A STRITCH IN TIME

elaine-stritchDarling Salties!

What can we say? This week has taken us on a bittersweet journey of ups and downs, triumphs and losses. Our hearts go out to those affected by the shocking Malaysian Airlines tragedy. It’s heartbreaking news, and we can only hope the families and friends of victims are able to find some closure as more details emerge.

Thursday, the world bid goodbye to good-time gal, Elaine Stritch, the brassy “tart-tongued” legend of stage and screen, though many of us might remember her most recently as Jack Donaghy’s loveably tenacious mom on “30 Rock.” Stritch was 89, and was an original Saltie if ever we’ve seen one! At the top of the “Women We’d Like to Have a Cocktail and People Watch With.” RIP Saltie Sister.

On the brighter side, we saw the first woman surmount the American Ninja Warrior finals course, we enjoyed ourselves a naked fritter(!), and we said hello again to the comedy genius of Weird Al – don’t miss his grammar teacher’s dream/modern texter’s nightmare video for “Word Crimes” - it’s a hoot!

Speaking of funny stuff, SAVE THE DATE! Salted Scarletry is sponsoring a FREE comedy night featuring up-and-coming female comedians on July 31st in NYC. It is a night not to be missed! Click here for more details and to RSVP. Limited space!

There’s so much more below…onward!

Tartfully yours,
Jennilyn & Matt

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