Holy Cow! You’re Nude! At Least Buy Me a Fritter First!


Time marches on, and so we continue to add to the calendar different days of celebration both nationally and internationally recognized. Now, these might not get the recognition of the larger religious, exploration-based or historically definitive holidays, but we find it fun to revel in the more “interesting” and “joyous” of modern proclamations.

We thought we’d take a minute to indulge in, and share, a few holidays which occur this week that we could “get behind”. Or in front of, depending on the event!  *winks*


National Nude Day
We are not quite sure what this is or why it became… but shame not, these loverly couples who took their mix-matched asses (literally) to the streets to celebrate. How else? By dancing! (*I’m sure VH1 will be getting at big turnout for at least the premier ep.!)

Cow Appreciation Day
Also not 100% sure what the deal is here, but how could we not send to bovine love to the heifers of the fields? Let them know there’s none udder than their spotted hind! Hug a mug. No tip needed.

International Drag Day
If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then we universally approve this international celebration of imitation. Drag on, brothers, sisters and everything in between! Check out this link on the ladies outside the US to expand your rainbow horizons:


Corn Fritters Day
Ok, can we agree that corn has a deep and long history in many nations, including our own, obviously? After that, let’s just admit that mixing and frying them up is brilliant and delicious. So, whomever thought of making this a holiday: aww, shucks… thanks!

So, which one(s) are you going to try and make a part of your calendar?!  Tweet us your pics, if you dare…



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