“Weird Al” Yankovic Restores Faith in Humanity (and Grammar) with “Blurred Lines” Parody


Is “Word Crimes” the greatest masterpiece “Weird Al” Yankovic has ever created? Maybe! This parody of “Blurred Lines” is so genius and well-done we may be moved to say it’s better than anything off the 1988 classic album “Even Worse” (arguably his best work: “Fat,” “Lasagna,” “Trapped in a Closet With Vanna White” before being trapped in a closet was even a big thing? Eat it, R. Kelly).

The new song is off Al’s new album “Mandatory Fun” and is the second video (see the first, “Tacky,” a Pharrell parody) in a series to be released this week coinciding with the album (out Tuesday 7/15). Both videos and songs have been refreshingly great, reminding us how talented and hilarious this man can be.

And what makes it even better is that “Weird Al” has taken an undeniably catchy Robin Thicke tune with undeniably controversial lyrics/video and has reclaimed it as an undeniably silly and fun experience, naked punctuation and dangling participles included. We can’t wait for the rest of the album.

There are so many gems in this grammar-schooling song we’ll just let you see for yourselves. As self-proclaimed word nerds, we are in love.

*We sincerely hope there are no typos in this post.*



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