Letter From the Editor: Issue 18 – United States of Notorious RBG


Oh, beautiful Salties,

For spacious pies, for amber waves of beer. Happy 4th! We hope you’re rockin’ your independence in saltie style and taking some time off to enjoy good old fashioned American fun: grilling and explosives!

Speaking of American traditions (and explosions), earlier this week saw the Supreme Court of the United States make a landmark decision that had us turn all red, white and blue in the face. Need a recap? Check out our Hobby Lobby Decision Link Roundup – What It Means For the Rest of Us, and stay for our leg shaving history, what it means to be “like a girl” and young men getting stuck in tight dark crevices, PLUS the next installment of The Periodical!

Happy 4th weekend!

Majestically yours,
Jennilyn & Matt

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