U.S. Student’s “Crowning” Achievement

The student waits to be rescued from the giant vagina sculpture

Germany is known for a lot of things. America is know for a lot of things. Who knew this would be their, shall we say, “offspring”?  In a technological era where photos, image apps and social networking sites can take a simple picture or video to international fame [or folly], it’s amazing that people still take the opportunity to get themselves into ‘sticky situations’. Ok, enough euphemisms: An American exchange student got himself lodged inside a stone vagina sculpture at Tuebingen University in southwest Germany.

Go ahead, re-read that. You were correct. Ah, the perils of experimentation without proper lubrication. I know, I’m sorry… I promised I’d stop. It’s just too good! The unidentified student apparently took on a social dare to try and fit through the artistic marble crevasse and became lodged upon exiting. Irony.

According to the Guardian, “22 firefighters in five emergency vehicles responded to the scene of the mishap where they were able to ‘deliver’ the student head-first ’by hand and without the application of tools.’”  Whew! No breach here. [I can't stop.]

“The sculpture, called Chacán-Pi (Making Love), was designed by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara and was installed 13 years ago. It is said to be recovering well from the incident,” injects the CBC News Community Blog.

Firefighters consider how to free the student from the vagina sculpture


I know there’s a moral here, but I must try to rise above the natural instincts to make it obtuse, obvious or obscene.
What’s your tagline for this article? 



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