Letter From the Editor: Issue 17 – Pride. Period.



Dear Salties,

Everything goes in cycles: the seasons do, trends do, payments do, even we do! From shedding skin to shedding the ol’ uterine lining, most every natural thing has cycles to its systems. Our closets have seen their newest cycle from the previous sweater rotation to shorts and tees coming front and center. Our moon is waning to NEW this very weekend, bringing a refreshing restart in the cycle of tides, energies and, well, maybe just sky gazing from your favorite vantage point. This newsletter alone is a cycle, coming every week with new articles, info and links to all things Salted and Scarlet-minded.

So, why so wheel-brained these days? We here at the henhouse are always keeping aware of how the week is shaping up whilst getting ready to send our round-up your way! This week we have a great spotlight with period empowerment at the helm, our newest staff writer talking about skincare starting from the inside out, a piece on cleaning green, and even an exhibit including a boob bouncehouse and a “G”spot mirror maze. I’d say we are #cycle trending.

And for those celebrating and/or supporting Gay Pride this month, many states are “kicking up their heels” over anniversaries for same-sex marriage equality (Happy 3rd, NYC!). So put a ring on THAT!

Eat. Drink. & Be Married.

circle circle, dot dot,
Matt & Jennilyn

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