Top Skincare Myths You Should Give Up Believing. Like Yesterday.

You’ve seen us Spotlight her, have heard her wisdom on all things skincare…now meet Team Salted’s newest guru: Anna Lise Jensen! The Complexion Concierge herself has joined the henhouse here to bring a facet of her own expertise to the mix. Keep your eyes peeled and your minds prepared to be expanded about your skin health. That’s right, the Complexion Concierge is in and readied for your questions/comments:



by Anna Lise Jensen
The Complexion Concierge

: put on a happy face :

1. Your product can actually do what it says it does.

It says “eliminates dark circles”! “Shows signs of lifting!” So why wouldn’t it? First off because it doesn’t have to. The FDA (and the European Union’s regulatory body) does not have its own testing branch, so the “tests” that companies are using to validate their claims are mostly coming from their own labs and payroll. You better believe that those scientists are saying “yes this product does everything you claim!” to the CEOs signing their paychecks.

In addition, words like “hypoallergenic”, “non-comodogenic” and even “dermatologist tested” have no federal standard. Any of these words can be used if a licensed professional says that the product is worthy of these labels. And guess who pays these “licensed professionals”? Gold star, you guessed it!

There are many wonderful products that do exactly what they say they will: clean, hydrate, protect and more. But be wary of products that seem too good to be true, because…

2. Not one miracle ingredient can do everything, nor can one miracle product.

Just like in your diet, true health comes from the way we treat and feed our bodies day in and day out. A diet of only Acai berries or consuming only Argan oil would leave you malnourished (and crabby!). We want a full regime, or Beauty Arsenal as I call it, filled with great skin-identical and antioxidant-rich ingredients, to ensure the best skin health no matter what happens. It may seem like a lot of steps, but results and sanity will be improved, and at much less of a cost! I’ve never seen an affordable “miracle product”! Which reminds me…

3. Expensive isn’t better.

There are products at all price points. So how can you know you’re paying for a better powder, and not just the two “Cs” on the compact? There are bad products (and I mean BAD! Irritating ingredients, ludicrous claims, poor packaging) that cost $3, and those that cost $300, …and everywhere in between. The Sales People may convince you that the price point equates quality, and sure, at times it might, but it also reflects brand. Oh, and don’t negate the promise of their potential commission check. Speaking as a former cosmetics sales professional, let me tell you…

4. Sales people aren’t always right. Nor are we necessarily skincare experts.

That’s not to say we don’t know our stuff. Or that we are wrong. We just have a different goal: selling you product. When I trained associates, my smartest employees weren’t as valuable to me as those who could SELL. Even at a multi-brand store like Sephora or Ulta you aren’t necessarily getting a non-biased opinion! There might be a “spiff” running where she gets a larger commission chunk on a certain product sold, or maybe a brand executive like me is visiting the store and the associates are trying to impress their corporate guests. You can find great associates in stores, but thinking of them as impartial is no bueno… and thinking of them as experts is even worse. Even estheticians, and now sometimes dermatologists, are looking towards the bottom line of product sales.

I say that acknowledging that at the age of twenty-two (a million years ago) I was selling $250 wrinkle cream with an authority to which no one should have listened!

In the end, Skin Health is elusive. Some of us are born with great skin with little effort, some of us have to work harder. If you need some help, that’s what I’m here for! I have nothing to sell, so nothing to gain from what you choose. In fact, I want to save you from wasting your time and money! And I want to know, readers, what are your burning questions? What are you desperate to know about your skin? We will pick one Salted Scarletry reader each month to work hand in hand with me FOR FREE to solve their skincare dilemmas. *Just list your concerns below in the comments to enter*

I can’t wait to get down the nitty gritty with you, and put your best face forward!


Anna Lise Jensen is a professional actress and the founder of The Complexion Concierge, the world’s first and only personalized skincare consulting business. It is her goal to help every client feel comfortable in her own skin, and to defeat the myths of the beauty industry, one ludicrous claim at a time! She is a domestic goddess in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and loves Brooklyn Nets basketball, collaborating with Creative Geniuses, cats, and long distance running (which she originally took up to increase the nights per week she can eat cheeseburgers and drink craft beers). Anna Lise tries every day to spread light into dark places. Even into your pores.



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