Tween Fakes Period, Gets Righteous ‘First Moon Party’ in Hilarious New Hello Flo Ad


Hello Flo is back with another hilarious menstrual marketing ad-spot. “First Moon Party” is the sequel to last year’s brilliant and funny “Camp Gyno,” which I was sad I couldn’t write about because Salted was still in the womb. What can I say, I’m a sucker for period humor! And maybe it’s because I never had a becoming a woman party and secretly always wanted one. (I’m 32. Is it too late?)

In any case, Hello Flo, which is a lady product subscription service, has done it again. This time our tween leading lady really wants to get her period because all of her friends already did (remember those days of naïveté?) so she fakes it by painting “blood” (Florida?) with sparkly nail polish on a pad. Now she and her gal pals can be all “Cherry Slush Club!” Her mom catches on and decides to throw her the most hilarious and mortifying “First Moon Party” complete with a Pin the Pad on the Period game, a uterus piñata, and…a Vagician!

It’s genius marketing and I have to applaud the writing team for doing a stellar job of tackling a “taboo” subject with great humor and creativity and fearlessness in saying vagina. Viewers beware the red-fondue marshmallows.

And, sadly, a word to the pre-menstrual wise, no matter what age you are, periods don’t have glitter in them!

ps. If you’re a lady looking into these period product subscription services, I’d also personally recommend The Period Store (offering a wide range of eco and alternative products) and Cora (a one-for-one startup) for your consideration.

The Camp Gyno in case you missed it.

[via AdWeek]



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