Letter From the Editor: Issue 15 – Queen of Cups

red-solo-cupsSalutations, Salties!

It’s the season of cups! World Cups, Diva Cups, jock cups, red Solo cups….Wait, do soccer players even wear protective apparatus? Spain might want to now after that kick in the pants. Zing! Whether you’re into the international futbol craze or not, this video from “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” about the stunning allegations of corruption against FIFA, the organization that produces the World Cup, is well worth a watch. Because this really does have a global impact, and besides, you’re going to need something to talk about between matches on Father’s Day.

Speaking of, cheers to the Dads! We raise a glass, and/or red Solo cup, in honor of all the fathers and father figures who are taking or have taken part in the raising of a salty generation. We salute you! May your cup runneth over with delightful celebration.

One more thing…Congrats to Shannon D for winning the The Complexion Concierge giveaway! Stay tuned for more fun giveaways very soon.

Doubly yours,
Jenniy + Matt

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