How Deep Into ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Are You?


“Orange Is The New Black” is a phenomenon and some of us will remember last weekend as the 13+ hours of awesomeness and insomnia we’ve been waiting for all year. But how deep into OITNB are you? Do you know which episode Jodie Foster directed? Or which character is in prison for which crime? Or that there’s an adorable kitten parody called “Tabby is the New Cat”? Have you already submitted to the OITNB Fan Art Competition?

With its captivating, female-driven plotline(s) and refreshingly well-developed characters, OITNB has been a hit from the start. Season 2, which launched last week, delves deeper into the sub-plots and re-humanizes these hard-nosed criminals we just can’t help falling in love with. Yes, even the detestable, Pornstache.

So, just for fun, tell us, have you watched the entire Season 2 yet? Take our poll below! And then test your OITNB trivia knowledge with these links: 23 Surprising Facts About Orange Is The New Black, Orange Is The New Black Crime Match Quiz. And for good measure, a must-watch: Laverne Cox sits down with Katie Couric once again.

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