Spotlight: Stacey Tank on Big Business, Balance, Bruce Springsteen and Breast Cancer Early Detection

Talk about a powerhouse… this week’s Spotlight is aimed on a very bright star, indeed. We love to align with women who show you that you can do any and every thing you want in life with drive, ambition and a full-night’s sleep! Stacey is just that balance of model mogul and Mantra mommy. From utilizing each skill set in the business world, at home with her family and as a charitable ambassador for early detection of ovarian and breast cancers, this lady’s running full speed into our hearts.



So, with the greatly broad list of things you “do”… what would you dictate your slashes to be (ex. banker/mother/dragonslayer)?


You run a great game in the corporate world, for sure. What would you say drives you to succeed and grow in that environment?

I was always competitive as a kid, something I now see coming out in full force in our five-year-old son. Business is all about winning and out-maneuvering the competition. I love playing that game. I also love being constantly out of my comfort zone and there’s no shortage of that in my job.

Can you tell us something about the corporate giants that you work/have worked for — GE and HEINEKEN — that maybe we don’t, but should know?

GE was the most amazing training ground. I credit my grandfather, who worked for IBM his whole life, for inspiring me to join a big company out of college. GE took me around the world for nearly 10 years. It’s a big company full of innovators. Getting to work on initiatives like ecomagination and healthymagination – where you’re on the cutting edge of a critical humanitarian trend – was one of the great experiences of my life. At Heineken, where I am now, our culture is founded on people, communities and brands. We’re a 150-year-old, fourth generation family owned company. The family name is on the door, and that means something. I’ve never seen more heart and loyalty amongst employees. It’s inspiring. And the humanitarian and economic impact that Heineken drives in places like Africa, where we have nearly 20,000 employees, is little known but highly impactful to a continent that benefits from steady investment and long-term commitment to its communities.

What does work/life balance mean to you? How do you make it happen?

I honestly don’t stress myself by seeking any type of proverbial balance. My work and life mix together every day. Technology makes this so much easier than even five years ago. The key for me has been to ensure my husband and I are always on the same page. He has been extraordinarily supportive of me professionally while building an amazing career of his own. As long as we’re aligned, all the rest falls into place.

No, really, how do you MAKE IT HAPPEN? As in, what’s your key to getting things done?

Over-resource your childcare. It takes a village. There is no shame in admitting that. No one is super human. And always have snacks in your purse. That is the real key to happiness in life.

What do you do to relax, balance and reboot?

Sleep is a big deal to me. My brain works much more clearly and creatively when I’ve had 7-8 hours of sleep. I had spent many years of my life, while working in finance, not sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night. I wasn’t at my best. I also work-out every day at 5:15am. It’s like a religion. I need it to wake-up and get my blood flowing. With sleep and a work-out, I feel like I can conquer each day with ‘gusto’.

Please tell us a little about BrightPink and how you came to work with them.

BrightPink is an amazing non-profit founded by an extraordinary woman, Lindsay Avner. Their mission focuses on empowering young women to be proactive about their breast and ovarian health. In my 20’s, I found out that I’m a carrier of the BRCA1 mutation, which significantly increases your risk of these two cancers. BrightPink was there when I needed them and was the only organization that framed things for me in a positive, optimistic way. All these years later, I love working as one of their education ambassadors – a true privilege.

By the way, CONGRATS on your many accomplishments (*Westchester County’s “40 under 40″, listed on 914 Magazine’s female exes of the year, BrightPink NYC Ed. Ambassador, Chairwoman and Rep of many major boards and committees across your career path, etc, etc)! So since it’s obvious you’re not stopping (*wink), what’s next to tackle?

We have a fiery and fantastic five-year-old boy and are working on a sibling for him – coming this fall. So that’s the project du jour.

What’s your go-to song to get you motivated?

Bruce Springsteen … Thunder Road

Most importantly…kapalabhati or sitali breathing?

I’m a ujjayi girl!


Stacey Tank is currently the senior vice president and chief corporate relations officer for HEINEKEN USA, America’s leading upscale beer importer. Specific to corporate relations, Tank and her team are responsible for corporate communications, public affairs, government relations, employee engagement, brand PR, responsible consumption and sustainability.

She is the New York City Education Ambassador for BrightPink, a nonprofit that provides support to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancers. She is also a wife, mom, expecting mom, yogi, runner and musician.



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