Mila Kunis Tells Guys There Is No ‘We’re Pregnant’


Babies, babies everywhere. It seems that everyone has babies! By everywhere, I mean the internet. And by everyone I’m mostly referring to the people on my Facebook stream including friends, colleagues, and celebrities. Even Mila Kunis, the former “Sexiest Woman in the World” is pregnant. And she’s not taking it lying down. Kunis took to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” the other night to air her grievances over men including themselves as being with child by saying “we’re pregnant,” when they are not, in fact, carrying the “little love goblin” inside of them. We are. (‘We’ being those with active uteri.)

“Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady hole? No,” Kunis schooled expecting dads. It’s true, men do not have to deal with the physical aspects of pregnancy and they certainly don’t need to refrain from living their normal alcohol-imbibing lifestyle. And thus, they shall not unfairly claim to be “pregnant,” declared the movie star. Hear that, Ashton?

I agree, though I have to admit I find the “we’re pregnant” sentiment rather endearing. Sure there’s no swelling or (justified) cravings or prenatal-related hormonal mood swings, but it’s sort of sweet that baby daddies consider themselves part of the process. Sweet as in, aw that’s cute, but you have no idea, dude.

On the other hand, it’s nice to see women owning their pregnancies and recognizing this miracle of life that only women can experience. Equality doesn’t mean taking away something from women that is purely and wonderfully female-only. But it’s not about excluding men from the experience either. If you ask me, we as a society don’t acknowledge and respect pregnancy, and the pregnant woman, enough. ::steps down from soapbox::

Mila Kunis was also on the show to promote her new movie “Third Person” but nevermind that, she’s going to have a baby! She, herself, will birth that youngin’ from her womb.

Here’s the clip if you haven’t seen it.



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