Letter From the Editor: Issue 12 – Beauty and the Beer Holder


Hello beautiful ones!

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or is that beer holder? Beauty is in the eye of the beer koozie? Oof. In the face of culture and the state of society, we are left questioning what “real beauty” is, what’s constructed for us and what we’re supposed to believe we need to feel beautiful in today’s world. Though you and I know, deep in our hearts and toes, that beauty isn’t something we can pin down to a few pounds of flesh or makeup, but has a lot to do with how we feel inside, so that it may shine on the outside and rub off on the people around us. Frisky!

Yeah, it’s sort of vague. And that’s on purpose. Whether concealer and lipstick or a one-step hair routine a la Grace Coddington or an unobstructed view of the sunrise are your beauty rituals, whatever it is, deciding what makes you feel good, for real, is what is beautiful.

Because youuuu arrrreee soooo beeeeauti- OK, OK, you get it. Beer or not, we love ya and stuff. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. We’ll catch you around the bend!

Jenniy + Matt

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