I AM MY ART: Creating a Transparent Relationship Between the Artist and Audience


In this world of “artist as recluse” and “artist as individual” we can often be surrounded in the idea that the performer or creator is a separate entity, that the audience is to sit behind the two-way mirror and not interrupt or affect the world of said artist. And vice versa. This barricade is, in fact, exactly what Vanessa Barbosa, Founder of I AM MY ART, is looking to destroy…starting with her NYC event this Saturday.

Via the #IAMMYART host page:

“Founded by multi-media artist Vanessa Barbosa, I AM MY ART seeks to facilitate artists across multiple disciplines to push the boundaries of creative expression through experience and interaction with the artist themselves. Seeking to inspire new and emerging artists by showcasing the work in tandem with the artist themselves. Artists can express their greatest passions and pieces of work through their own interpretation.

On May 10 2014, Vanessa Barbosa, will be premiering her anticipated fashion film, “I AM MY ART”, while creating an interactive space for artists to showcase their work with the audience. I AM MY ART will invite innovative artists in music, film, art and design, and fashion – and introduce artists and their art for a night of experience and interaction. With a growing distribution network, I AM MY ART seeks to become the premier and culture platform cutting-edge art known to artists and viewers alike.

We invite you to get involved. EXPERIENCE. INTERACT. ENCOURAGE.”

The event has drummed up myriad exhibitors including, but not limited to: photographers, poets, designers, sculptors, actors and more from all different cities, countries, and even continents!

” I came to the realization that to both grow as an artist and empower a world of creation around me, I had to accept that we do not create the art, the art indirectly creates us,” says Vanessa. ”Our inspirations and personal experiences make us our art, we as artists, just found vessels to extract our reflections. If people can begin to take note of this, the creative world would be able to extract the manipulative passages into corporate world.”

A young, driven, international woman — not to mention a super-fan of Salted! — Vanessa’s plan is to “break the seal” on her artist-pooling in NYC’s downtown TriBeCa neighborhood at Studo 69. The next blazing step is to then run with this forward-thinking event on to her current hometown, Toronto, Canada, and then on to her native country in Lisbon, Portugal. The mission is to attract and involve conscious and expanding artists from around the world at each stride.

When asked her perception on being CEO, Founder and premiering her own vision as a young, emerging female force, she winks with a smile and says both playfully and assertively: “Who run the world? GIRLS.” –Beyoncé.


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