Men’s Onion Shirts vs Women’s Emotions: ‘The Daily Show’ Takes on Political Sexism and Grandma-to-be Hillary Clinton Issue


Where to start. If you watched “The Daily Show” last night and still feel your blood at boiling temps and steam streaming out of your ear holes, you’re not alone. The segment where Jon Stewart presents a categorical smackdown of political sexism and the double standards placed between men and women and emotion had me so full of frustration and outrage that I’d be downright unfit to be president. Or any person of power. Or any person in public if you go by the way women are judged these days for expressing themselves outside of pious nunli-hood.

Because when women in politics show emotion they’re criticized as being weak, unbalanced and hormonal. But when men in politics show emotion they’re praised for being courageous, passionate, fiery, “a man’s man.”

The “Daily Show” segment begins with mention of Chelsea Clinton’s recent announcement that she’s pregnant and the consequent flurry of questions and doubts surrounding Hillary’s decision to run for president now that she will be a grandmother, because how can she have time between all the knitting and cheek-pinching?? As if any male would ever be asked about that. Case in point: Mitt Romney and his “grandchild petting zoo,” as Stewart hilariously refers to it.

What’s so brilliant about what Jon Stewart does here is not that he points out what’s wrong about female politicians showing emotion,’ but the media’s unfair and sexist take on what’s so right? about emotional displays from male politicians.

The whole thing is summed up rather brilliantly with this one sentence: ”In politics it’s ok to have a pussy as long as you’ve got a dick.”

And that, dear friends, is like a kick in the pants.

Check out the clips below and feel free to share your wild and untamed thoughts in the comments. Senator Elizabeth Warren is the guest talking about the rigged system and the crappy Senate bathrooms, which is worth the watch as well. Full episode here.





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