Golden Nuggets: ‘The Girls’ Gab on Equal Pay, Free Cones and More…


…just another round from the panel of our lovely ladies-of-Dade-County-passed giving us witty bits of knowledge on today’s happenings, and it might go a li’l something like this:


Golden Girls: (D)orothy, (B)lanche, (R)ose, (S)ophia

Q: Today, April 8th, is Equal Pay Day… what do you ladies think about this?

D: Well, considering it technically marks the number of extra days into the year the average woman has to work to earn as much as her male counterpart did the year before… I suppose it’s a bittersweet day.

S: Back in Sicily, we never allowed men to dictate our pay. Then again, we paid each other in eggs and goats!

B: I may be a gentile, southern lady but I refuse to accept being walked over in the workplace. Or any place. It’s a waste of good pumps!

R: This would have done wonders for my savings account after my Charlie passed away. I knew that the bulls got paid more than me to pull the plow, but it’s hard to argue with them!

Q: Today also happens to be Free Cone Day (*thanks to Ben & Jerry’s)…

S: Please, after a certain age dairy’s just not your friend. Neither are mirrors. Or knee highs!

B: Now that’s a fun irony: women’s equal pay and free cones. So Madonna is Queen for a day? ha.

R: Don’t I know it! As a child from a dairy farming family, this is one of the 6 major holidays, along with: national butter sculpture day, international cheese day, little plastic diner creamer day…

D: Where are my damned car keys!? GIRLS!

Q: What stories in the news will you be watching this week?

R: Usually the weather. I like to guess what the name of the next hurricane will be! Glad it’s not just women anymore, we shouldn’t be blamed for all natural disasters.

B: I like to follow the finance section, hunny. See what eligible men in stocks, bonds and yachts are coming to Miami Beach!

D: I’ll be following national pundits and politicians for a while. There are many women in, aiming for and talking about positions of power on both sides of the aisle: Elizabeth Emken, Mimi Walters, Barbara Buono, Hillary Clinton, Susana Martinez, and many more.

S: I rarely get past the OBITs, but sometimes I’ll cross-reference them with the personals. It’s not sexy, but it’s something.



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