Letter From the Editor: Issue 05 – Feeling ‘Spirit’ual?

Hello Salties!

Feeling ‘spirit’ual?

Whether it’s the holidays – Passover, Easter, Eostre – the fresh Spring air, or that third glass of rosé, there’s something about April that’s just so darn spiritual. As the April 3rd birthday gal, Doris Day, sang in her 1948 film debut Romance on the High Seas: “It’s Magic.

April is a clusterhen of all sorts of super-natural occurrences, but we’ve got your ingredients for the perfect power potion.Our recipe for the month of showers anew?

• 2oz late-day sunlight
• 5oz sparkling, warm rain
• 1 fresh sprig of purging sage
• 1 whipped Easter eggcream
• Rim your glass with a salt protection circle

Shake, serve and enjoy!

Supremely yours,
Team Saltie

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