6 Tips for Conscious Uncoupling

melodyHi everyone,

My name is Melody Bell, and the editors here at Salted Scarletry have asked me to share some advice with you. “Won’t you share your wisdom and perfection with our poor beleaguered readers?”, was how Jennilyn Carson put it in an email to me earlier this week. How could I say no? I am nothing if not infinitely compassionate (and athletic…and intelligent, creative, powerful, a sexual dynamo, a masterful mother, etc etc.)

So, in the wake of poor Gwyneth’s news this week of her conscious uncoupling from husband Chris Martin, here are the six things from which I recommend you consciously uncouple, pronto:

1. Gluten
It’s poison, people.

2. Clutter
Also poison, but more insidious. A messy closet is like a knife in your soul.

3. Spandex
Not attractive. End of story.

4. Chardonnay
I’m tired of seeing women drinking unimaginative wines. Uncouple from your predictable choices. Mix it up a little! (And please, choose biodynamic wines. The Earth is a precious resource.)

5. “Should”
Uncouple from that word. Release it from your vocabulary. After my daily sunrise yoga practice, before I go to the boutique digital agency where I’m the SVP of brand marketing, I make my family organic kale smoothies and cook a meal for the homeless — not because I “should,” but because I want to. Follow your heart.

6. Getting Netflix DVDs
It’s 2014, people. The streaming option should be enough for you.

Love and abundance,


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