Letter From the Editor: Issue 03 – Sprung!

springSpring, britches!

That’s right, Spring is this week’s Guest Editor. Didn’t know Spring was a female? Oh, it’s definitely a woman deciding she has HAD IT with 600 layers of clothing, shoes that won’t let the tootsies breathe and hats that keep mussing everything strand of hair it’s not even worth trying anymore.

Spring means it’s time to crawl out of our hibernation caves, time to break free from the cuffs of cumbersome and start feeling alive again, polar vortex be damned!

Here on Salted, Spring means we’re busting out all over. We are flinging ourselves into the season of sunshine, warmer weather, shorter britches, flowers, rain, allergies…oh nevermind, you know, the rest of the good stuff.

We are sprung! Ahem.

Spring (& this cat that has only improved upon Sandro Bottichelli’s 16th Century masterpiecePrimavera)

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