Every Oscar Dress Worn By Best Actress Winners Since 1929

Approaching the end of the awards season there are millions of critical eyes hovering over the red carpet trodders, and even more digits tapping away to run their minds/mouths on every fashion pinnacle and pitfall of dapper drapery.

Now we’re not waxing poetic on the Hollywood royalty of the LA crimson runway, but maybe there could be SOMEthing in the ‘fabric’ that the winning leading ladies don? Just for fun take a peek at the visual herstory of our victors and maybe cast a mental vote on whether there will be a famed YSL power pants suit (a la Jane Fonda 1972), a Bob Mackie-esque avant garde dazzler (a la Cher 1988) or maybe a classic Dior bridal inspired beauty blanket of winter white (2006, 2013). Is there a subliminal win from step one of tonight’s stilettos?

[Click to Enlarge]


[Via Media Run]



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