Roses are Red, Violets are Thankfully Not – Your Salted Guide to Valentine’s Day


It’s that day! That ushy-gushy-romance-filled-buy-something-kinky-flowers-triple-in-price-chocolate-covered-wall-to-wall-date-clad-restaurant kinda day that comes around every year promising your lover will either go nuts to google search the most fantastic new token of expression…or they will have a 3pm panic attack when no business has good cards left, full bouquets to present or reservations before 10:30pm.

Oh, wait. Or is it that obnoxious-card-industry-created-pink-and-red-don’t-match-economic-boosting-reason-to-ignore-the-real-relationship-problems-fake-appreciation-never-reaching-expectation day where you either want to punch people in the face or stay in sweats and eat your body weight in trans fats?

Either way, if not played well, it can be a truly harrowing twenty four hours, save for that minimal percentage of humanity who just calls it another <insert day of the week here>. So if you’re not the ‘laissez faire’ type, maybe we can offer a few of our own positive, original and hopefully interesting outlets for our Savories and Salties. (Yeaaah, we worked it in there.)


• Take your valentine to a museum to see a Romantic painter’s expression of love and bask in the euphoria (*ie Klimt’s “the kiss“, Waterhouse’s “Tristan and Isolde“, Toulouse-Lautrec’s “L’abandon“, Miyagawa Issho “Man and youth“)

• Take in a classic romance movie and eat something they eat! (*ie Annie Hallboiled lobster!)

• Put a special token of your relationship on a chain for a personalized, perfect necklace! (*ie house key, a coin from a destination vacation, a button from your wedding dress/suit, etc)


• Get a bottle of wine from a special date (birth, graduation, last raise) and cheers yourself on becoming who you are!

• Rent your favorite horror movies and see how many relationships last til the end!

• Take yourself out to your favorite dinner and download the Lulu app, a private network for girls to share insights on love and life. (*thats a nice way to say ‘rate your previous dates and relationships’! hehe)

Have any saltie tips of your own? Let us know!



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