‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: “Dead Inside”


by Jacqlyn Mori

GIRLS: “Dead Inside” (Season 3, Episode 4)

Last time:

Adam’s sister Caroline is introduced, and she’s delightfully zanier than he is, albeit markedly more mentally disturbed. Hannah has a birthday party, Marnie made an embarrassingly awkward music video and her life continues to circle the drain, and Ray gets beat down by Hannah’s editor during a brief and intoxicated bar brawl.

Episode Four:

We start with Hannah literally stumbling in to the Millstreet Press office for a meeting with David, the LMFAO-loving editor. Even though she’s late, she’s still made it to the office before him. As she sits down to wait for him, things quietly begin to go haywire. Employees are scurrying back and forth, the phones start ringing off the hook, and whispers abound. Hannah doesn’t seem to be sure if this is normal office behavior or if she should hide for safety under the nearest available desk, but it turns out all the hubbub is over the news that David has just been found dead in the Hudson River. Cue the blank Hannah face and opening credits.

Back at home, she shares the news with Jessa, who is Just. Not. Impressed. It’s not every day your body ends up in the Hudson, she reasons, but it’s also not every day that you get called for jury duty or become victim to massive flooding. Duh, Hannah.

Adam, however, smothers Hannah with sympathy for her loss, only to be stunned at the discovery that all she actually cares about is the now-unclear status of her e-book. He becomes further abashed upon realizing her main source for news is the gossip-fueling Gawker and that, it appears, the woman he loves has no soul.

On the other hand, Jessa seems to be more affected by the death theme than she first let on, asking Shoshanna—who is dutifully sorting her new bad-girl bandana collection—if she’s ever lost someone close to her. Shoshanna recalls a high school friend who passed away in a car accident, but don’t worry—everything turned out ok, since it cleared the way for Shosh to climb further up the social ladder at school. Jessa reveals she also lost a beloved friend named Season, and Shoshanna encourages her to visit Season’s grave to grieve.

The next morning, Adam attempts to explain to Hannah why he’s worried that she’s so disconnected about David’s death. He ponders whether she’d actually feel a void in her heart if Adam himself were to die, and in response, Hannah assures him that she’s often thought about what she’d say at his funeral. Ya know, kind, hearfelt things like, “You were my partner; you were my lover; one summer, you lived in a tent on a roof in Bed-Stuy.” For a woman who’d been offered an e-book deal, Hannah is once again stunningly bad with words.

But hey, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Hannah gives the David-just-died story another shot over at Grumpy’s coffee shop, this time tossing in some extra details (like David’s full name and that he was her editor and collaborator…so there) to imply a greater sense of connection and loss. Ray is shocked and saddened at David’s untimely death, but not at all by Hannah’s utter lack of concern or compassion for her fellow man. Because she’s Hannah. Whatever. In lieu of making money, she pounces on Ray’s offer to take the rest of the day off and heads out for an afternoon of romping around the city with Adam’s sister Caroline (yay!) and the goofy downstairs neighbor, Laird. Oh, and Laird’s dead pet turtle, because hey, we’re still going with the whole “death” theme here.

Meanwhile, Jessa heeds Shoshanna’s advice and tries to find out just where her friend Season is entombed. She makes a call to someone who is surprised she’s still alive, and when she asks for details on the grave, something’s just not right. Instead of winding up at a cemetery, Jessa is ringing the doorbell to a fancy brownstone in a nice neighborhood. And who do we see answering the door with a well-dressed offspring in her arms? It’s Season! Oh boy. Somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Jessa is livid. Not only did Season fake her own death, but she made sure Jessa was invited to the fake funeral because she knew she wouldn’t come anyway. Ouch. So why the cold, dead shoulder? Long story short: Season was a drug addict, and Jessa was an enabler.  Now that she’s clean, Season has a happy husband, a happy baby, and a happy happy everything else. Jessa proves Season’s point of her being a shitty, unsupportive friend by storming out and telling Season her happy-happy life is never going to work out for her in the long run. Ahh. Friendship.

Oh yeah, Marnie’s in this episode, too. Earlier, we saw her working out, making smoothies, and listening to recorded meditations, so I guess we’re supposed to feel like Mdog is putting on her big girl panties and getting her life back on track. She’s still slinging muffins and macchiatos over at Grumpy’s, where she catches Ray and Hermie, the owner, giggling at her YouTube music video of shame. This travesty just won’t go away, and we’re forced to watch another 20 grueling seconds of it. Uggggghhhh.

Marnie hates it too, and she’s pissed the boys are making fun of her risky creative endeavor. She’s also tired of being the butt of jokes around a bunch of unskilled people like the Grumpy’s staff, so she goes into a rage and quits so she can enjoy more fulfilling pursuits with all the “fancy people” that want to work with her. Godspeed, Marnie.

But no bother, folks—it’s montage time! Since it’s the death episode and Jessa’s been robbed of her opportunity to visit a tombstone, we instead get to check off our “go to a cemetery” requirement by watching Hannah, Caroline, and Laird frolic around a graveyard for 55 seconds. This is one of those scenes that if you examine each little snippet on its own, you realize the unedited version wouldn’t be any fun in real life unless you’re seven years old or really, really drunk. They’re just running around doing braless cartwheels, tossing around Laird’s dead turtle, and performing pointless duck-and-run moves like they’re dodging nonexistent puppies.

Anywho, let’s get to the point, shall we? Now that they’ve danced all over a cemetery, Caroline and Hannah discuss the merits of anti-depressants and the experience of human emotions. While Hannah insists she can’t take anything that will prevent her from feeling the emotions she needs as a writer, it seems as though the only feelings she can muster revolve around her own self-interests. Caroline goes on to tell her about Margaret, a cousin of her and Adam’s that grew up with muscular dystrophy. While the other boys were out doing boy things, Adam spent all his free time with Margaret, playing with her and giving her the chance to have a fun childhood from her hospital bed. Just before her death at 12 years old, Adam granted Margaret her dying wish: he spent whatever money he could save to buy her a teeny-tiny little dress so she could feel beautiful and took her to his senior prom.

While Laird sobs in the background, Hannah says, “That sucks,” then promptly inquires as to why Margaret’s dress was so tiny. And so we reach the moral of our story—Caroline reveals she is lying and just made the whole story up to elicit an emotional response from Hannah. Hboss does no such thing, and even Caroline is astonished that Hannah is such a soulless, empty bag of flesh.

Quick shot to Jessa, who is walking around the city looking all melancholy and whatnot. With thoughtful piano music in the background, we see her pause, reconsider, then continue on with a smirk. Not sure what that’s about, but I suppose the writers are just planting a seed for next week and we’ll see where that goes later.

Wrapping things up, Hannah heads back home to find Adam sitting on the stoop. She starts to explain that she was simply shocked by David’s death and that it takes her a little longer to process her emotions than most. Then she starts getting weirdly emotional about her connection to David in an is-she-or-isn’t-she-faking-it kind of way. And then, shit you not, she starts telling the fake story of Margaret as if it’s her own.

Whaa?!?! Hannah! What are you doing? The episode fades out as Hannah commits to stealing and reselling a story that’s been completely fabricated by Adam’s own sister, and the true depth of Hannah’s stunted emotional development is exposed. If you watch this scene and don’t cringe, I sentence to a lifetime of watching that wretched Marnie music video, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Til next time, Salties.


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