‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: Special Brand of Crazy


by Jacqlyn Mori

GIRLS: “She Said OK” (Season 3, Episode 3)

Where we left off:

The gang takes a road trip to pick up Jessa, who has succeeded in getting herself kicked out of rehab by going down on one of her peers. Marnie stays behind to continue her attempt at rebuilding her life by moving into a new dumpy apartment where she can touch her bed, fridge, and fire escape all at the same time. It’s like the poor girl’s Twister.

This week…

Adam gets his hair did by a mentally-stable Hannah, but the two are interrupted by a phone call to Adam’s cell phone. It’s his sister. We quickly learn Adam hates his sister, but he invites her over anyway because she’s having a bit of a “moment.”

Enter Gaby Hoffmann, who brilliantly portrays Adam’s eccentric and furry sister, Caroline, although that’s probably because she’s pretty much already played this role once before (Come on, Lena, did you think we wouldn’t notice?). Crystal Fairy…er, I mean Caroline…is unemployed and homeless. Furthermore, she just got kicked out of some dude’s car and has arrived seeking refuge. Hannah is down for a guest, but Adam says hell-to-the-no, because apparently sista friend is crazy. We’re not yet sure if this means Adam-style crazy, Hannah-meltdown crazy, or a whole ‘nother animal, but the possibilities are endless and that makes yours truly very happy.

Alas, my joy promptly turned to gut-wrenching, awkward embarrassment for Marnie, because for no good reason, this one time, she tried to make a music video, and now we’re all forced to watch it. Think over-expressive child star mimicking Miley Cyrus, complete with exaggerated hand/arm motions and faux introspective glares at the camera. Yeah, it’s like that. But it’s obviously not Marnie’s fault, because that horrible dog Charlie made her do it, and now it’s all over YouTube and she can’t get rid of it because, ya know, Charlie, and blah, blah, blah.

Back at Chez Crazy, Hannah finds out Caroline was probably abused by the guy she has just escaped, so she does the nicest thing she can think of—she invites her to her birthday party. But no, Caroline, you may still not spend the night, mmm-kay?

As for Ray, he’s still doing well at the new coffee shop, and has even made his first hire, which is good because soon his boss will die (nevermind why), and it’s assumed Ray will take over.

But enough with that morbid stuff. Let’s party!

Mr. and Mrs. Hannah’s parents fly in for Hboss’s big 2-5 party, and, Mom and Dad, “you remember Adam from my period of mental illness.” (Really, Hannah?) Caroline tags along, and she just loves the password that party-planner extraordinaire Marnie has picked for the party’s secret bar tab. “Banana!”

We’re not sure why both Jessa and Shoshanna are sporting Princess Leia hairdos, but the important thing is that they’re both there too, along with Ray, Laird (the creepy neighbor from downstairs), and a smattering of folks we don’t know too much or care about. Shosh points out how little the other ladies have accomplished in the four years since their college graduation, which reminds Marnie of that totally awesome time she and Hannah sang “Take Me or Leave Me” from RENT, which reminds Hannah of that horribly embarrassing time she and Marnie sang “Take Me or Leave Me” from RENT.

Speaking of singing, let’s all watch that awful video of Marnie again! Shoshanna pulls up the travesty on her iPhone and starts reading the negative comments. Why not, right?

Meanwhile, Caroline unleashes her inner Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction and wiggles ‘round a melancholy Ray in an effort to get him to dance. It is amazing, and if you haven’t actually watched this episode yet, I encourage you to locate this scene somewhere online and watch it. Now. Go on, I’ll wait.

Did you see it yet? Ok, either way, I am completely in love with this extremely short dance scene, and the best part is when all is said and done and Caroline realizes Ray won’t dance, she bites him. Bites him. And now I want Caroline in every episode

After the dance-by biting, Ray scurries off in search of booze, and because he’s Ray, finds the one dude at the bar that Shoshanna has invited to the party. Ray is now even sadder, but the rest of the party has started dancing, so he goes outside to attempt to have a casual adult conversation with Shoshanna. That obviously goes nowhere, because again, he’s Ray, so it’s back inside and straight to the bar for him.

At this point, in walks Hannah’s uninvited editor, David, who is all f*cked up on…Molly? He’s pleased to meet the real life people who have inspired so much of Hannah’s work, but whatever, he’s really thirsty and orders Adam to go grab him some water. So yeah, David’s on Molly and by the way, Hannah, can he borrow your phone to install Grinder and find a party mate for the evening? K, thanks.

It’s now been five minutes since we’ve had to hear Marnie sing, and because homegirl has somehow yet to hit rock bottom, it’s up onto the stage for Mdog. But this time, she’s taking her friends down with her. Remember that little ditty from RENT? Yep, she drags Hannah up on stage to relive their way-off-Broadway glory days, and Jessa finally wipes off the bored hater-face she’s had on the whole time in lavish enjoyment of Hannah’s pain. (Side note: Jessa says not one word during this entire episode. Maybe she misses Laura from rehab.)

Luckily, we aren’t subjected to listening to this entire showtune because Ray is busy going apeshit in the other room. He’s achieved that special level of drunken stupor where you want to forget your physical body and feel all your emotions through the spectrum of your favorite song. Unfortunately, it’s (presumably) a Saturday night and the DJ decides to cut off Ray’s favorite Smashing Pumpkins jam in favor of David the Editor’s request of some LMFAO. Ray-Ray is furious, but his Red Stripe stumble is no match for David’s MDMA ninja skills, and big Ray the drunken Goliath goes down, taking a coffee table full of empty bottles with him.

On their way back home after the party, Adam gives Hannah her birthday gift, which is a necklace made with a tooth. A human tooth. From him. Or, perhaps, it’s his sister’s tooth, but he can’t be sure because his mom kept them all in same box. But no matter, it’s still got his DNA up in there somehow. Because Hannah is gross, accessories made of questionable human origin makes her very happy and very horny, and the two lovebirds hurry off to get busy.

But wait! You didn’t forget about sweet Caroline, did you? Because if you did, worry not. She’s waiting Porky Pig style—all t-shirt and no pants—back in their apartment bathroom in an extremely unstable mental state. As soon as Hannah discovers her, Caroline breaks a glass with her own fist, and we finally discover just what variety of crazy Adam was talking about.

Sliced palms aside, the good news is that Caroline has weaseled her way into spending the night, and we’ll all get to see her again next week. Happy Birthday, Hannah.


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