Jon Stewart, Kristen Schaal Confront Feminization and Lady Power with Scotch and Sarcasm


Glass ceiling, smash ceiling, amirite, ladies? Last night, Jon Stewart covered the infiltration and feminization of the work place – from GM to the military to Hamas, women are taking over traditionally male dominated roles, because women are awesome! And they’re finally taking their rightful place of power as foretold by poet Beyonce who once rhetorically asked: Who run the world?

Don’t let that fool you, though. There have surely been some great strides as of late, but sexism is still very much alive and real at work and beyond. Unless, of course, you asked Fox News correspondent Brit Hume who longs for the days when men could speak freely without being reprimanded for a little sexist remark here and there. They’re men for chrissakes!

Our favorite bit in all of this is the skit where comedienne Kristen Schaal tries out the big girl seat complete with cigar, scotch and the mouth of a male chauvinist. Getting drunk on power, Schaal vows that women will abuse it much better than men, not through sexual harassment – no, no, much worse – by working “from the inside out.”

We love us a good Daily Show skewer and Kristen Schaal is the icing on the ceiling of the cake oven.



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