This Video of Triumphs and Failures for Women in Media Made Me Cry



This video literally brought me to tears. Not the streaming waterfall of sadness kind or the spouting for joy kind, either. This video got me misty-eyed in a way I can only describe as euphoric exasperation. Because this video, put together by the smart folks at The Representation Project (the ones behind the Miss Representation Campaign), celebrates the victories women have had in the media this past year, which have been many and for which we cheer! And then it dives into how much further we really have to go by offering clear example clips of gender stereotyping and discrimination in media, politics, cable news, video games, advertising, and the list goes on.

These are 3 important minutes that bring you on an emotional roller coaster through the past year of triumphs and failures for women in media that is well worth your time. Maybe even a tear or two. And a little fire in your belly.

Also, props to Buzzfeed for posting about this.



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