Not Your Grandma’s Wardrobe…Or is It?

Fabulous_FashionistasBy Jacqlyn Mori

A fun little documentary from across the pond is aiming to prove that getting old may be nothing more than an opportunity to be more fabulous.

Fabulous Fashionistas takes a peek into the lives of six ladies living in the U.K. who don’t plan to fade into the background just because they’re adding more candles to their birthday cakes (on average, these gals are looking at 80 candles apiece).

Western culture hasn’t left much room for seniors to be seen or heard, leaving the ladies to forge ahead and create their own space through one hard-to-ignore medium—fashion.

The 50-minute special is no Anna Wintour-style “fashion equals respect” manifesto. It’s about women who empower themselves and others to fight ageism through the clothes they wear, and make no apologies to those who dare to ask, “What is she thinking?”

If you’ve got a little under an hour to spare, check out this gem that puts aside the concept of “staying young” in favor of “being alive.” You may never look at your grandma’s closet the same way again.



Jacqlyn Mori is a vagabond who hails from the great state of New Jersey. She is a writer, yoga instructor, and the owner of a small apparel business called Karma Warrior Clothes. She is also a big eater, drinker, and traveler. Her best days are when all three of those activities coincide. You can see what she’s up to by checking on the blog she doesn’t post to often enough. Feel free to bug her if you’d like to read more. 




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