Daughter Dresses as Real-Life Women Greats


By Rachel Sedaker

Jaime C. Moore is a photographer whose work you may have seen floating around the web of late. To celebrate her daughter’s 5th birthday, she wanted a creative project to dress up her daughter and photograph her. When she looked online for inspiration, most of what she found were articles explaining how to dress your daughter as a Disney Princess. Moore had other ideas.

Instead, Moore looked to history, for real-life women who have paved the way for the women of today. Moore dressed her daughter as Susan B. Anthony, who led the women’s suffrage movement in the U.S., and Coco Chanel, who changed women’s fashion forever. The women that Moore chose for her daughter to portray are all women who possess the sort of individualism and strong character that any mother would wish for her daughter to mirror.

The resulting NOT Just A Girl project is an endearing display of history and the hope of what can be. Moore includes an inspiring quote attributed to each woman that her daughter portrays. It is hard to look at the pictures and not feel inspired to emulate history’s heroines. The final picture, which depicts Moore’s daughter posing as herself running for president, reminds women and girls everywhere that the most important woman for them to look up to is themselves. As the Helen Keller quote says, “What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.”


Rachel Sedaker is a writer whose work can be found on the blog Tossing the Script. Her diverse background ranges from a Bachelor of Arts in French and a minor in Art History to a career spent processing data and crunching numbers. She believes in girl power and her heroine is Scarlet O’Hara. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.



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