Salted Scarletry Presents: ‘Feminist: Stories From Women’s Liberation’ + Q&A with Filmmaker Jennifer Lee


We at Salted Scarletry are so PROUD to be presenting the first and only NYC screening of Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation a film telling the story of the women’s liberation movement from 1963-1970. The film explores the events of the feminist revolution and the controversy surrounding the concept and use of the word “feminist.” This is a MUST SEE for anyone interested in the “second wave” feminist movement and learning about the heroines who lead the charge and paved the way for the third and future generations to continue the mission of achieving gender equality.

Feminists interviewed include: Betty Friedan, Robin Morgan, Eleanor Smeal, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Richard Graham, Frances M. Beal, Vivian Rothstein, and many others…

The December 5th NYC screening will be followed by Q&A with filmmaker Jennifer Lee! It is ONE NIGHT ONLY and there is limited seating!

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Jennifer Lee explains why this film is so important and what motivated her to make it:

The names of these events and feminists aren’t well-known. You may not have heard of the Statue of Liberty takeover, the “memo” that ignited young women across the country to demand liberation, the Jeanette Rankin Brigade. Names like Vivian Rothstein, Aileen Hernandez, Sonia Pressman Fuentes are not names we learn about in school, but we need to learn them. Our daughters need to learn about these women. Many studies and surveys show that girls don’t see themselves as leaders. Showing them this history will help them see the pathway to power.

Don’t miss out. There are limited tickets and once they’re gone that’s it! Get yours here before they’re sold out.

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